Journeying Home

Latent within each of us lies a knowledge of what home feels like.

Of being at home on this planet. Within a human culture. Inside a body.

To build a viable human future on earth, we need to remember how to become at home in it again.

My name is Jason. I live in Montreal. I'm 30 years old.

But there's more.

I’ve gone on two big adventures in my life. I kept a travel blog during each. I started blogging because it was easier to send home updates and stories that way. But in time, sitting down at the keyboard became something I did as much for myself as for family and friends. My blog developed into a cauldron for cooking down and digesting the contents of my head. By the end of my second journey, I was writing less often because new things had happened around me, and more often because new things were happening inside.

After returning home, both from Cameroon and from Mexico, I stopped writing. They were travel blogs I'd been keeping; I wasn’t traveling anymore. 

Sometimes, I'd still get the urge.

I’d spend days churning through an inner realization or cultural tidbit, come to something I found interesting, and start toward my keyboard to distill it and share. But I wasn't traveling anymore. Which meant - as I caught myself reflexively thinking - that I had no more stories to tell.

I’m not sure I believe that any longer. I don't need anymore to be far away to feel like I can find something interesting. Much of the space I went away to seek, I’ve got now within myself. I think I’ve decided on a life that always includes travel - inner travel. A continuous process of self-and-other-discovery. This is the adventure I am on now - it is a journey home.

It isn't just a personal quest. I became politicized at a young age, and my questions of self-reference invariably refract back toward society at large. I want to know not just how I am learning to live more deeply with myself, but also how we can learn to live more deeply with each other, and with this earth. I am fiercely interested in the ways in which the inward journey of self-discovery mirrors and matches our social self-discovery: our learning how to extricate ourselves from the social and ecological messes we have put ourselves in, of learning how to build a more sane and salutary basis for our existence. Bizarre inner-outer binaries - medicine and economics, meditation and anthropology – are starting to feel like left and right hand to me. Working out this worldview feels like trying to come home, too – home to my proper place in the web of life. 

There are kinks, certainly. I'll appreciate your help straightening them out. That's a big part of why I'm writing. Changes are needed; changes are coming, and each of us has a voice to contribute. Here's my attempt to find mine. And to find others whose voices harmonize. I hope you'll join me, when you feel like it. It's what I do, too.